Repurposed & Vintage

Repurposed Décor and Furniture for St. Cloud


Today, it’s almost impossible to find furniture and décor that aren’t massproduced or machinemade. Repurposed furniture and décor are perfect if you’re looking to add something unique, charming, or even downright strange to your space–and Modern Barnyard is the best place to find them! 

Unique Pieces

Each piece of repurposed décor or furniture we produce is one-of-a-kind. Our artisans alter existing items until they’re irreplaceable and unforgettable, whether that calls for a few coats of paint or a complete redesign.  

Affordable Quality

Repurposed home décor is not only higher quality than mass-produced décorit’s also cheaper than something hand-made toorder. Our repurposed pieces offer the highest quality at affordable prices.  

Curated By Artisans

Our artisans have an artistic eye and only repurpose pieces they know you’ll be proud to display. Our staff are experts in identifying repurposed furniture that will last a lifetime.  

Environmentally Friendly

Each year, millions of beautiful pieces are simply thrown out when all they need is a little care. Repurposed items are a great eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced décor and furniture. 

Antique and Vintage Furniture


In addition to our repurposed pieces, our artisans frequently discover beautiful, vintage furniture. Vintage furniture can be among the highest quality and most durable pieces you’ll find on the market. Vintage furniture is usually 30-40 years old; anything older qualifies as antique. 

At Modern Barnyard, you can find all manner of original, unusual, and eclectic antique furniture. Whether you’re seeking a vintage chaise or dining set, we have pieces to satisfy every style and era.  

Add Flair to Repurposed Home Décor with Chalk Paint

Our selection of Annie Sloan brand Chalk Paints takes your repurposed pieces to the next level. Chalk paint is perfect for touching up old pieces and giving them an old-fashioned, chalk-colored look. These paints are perfect for all kinds of furniture and décor and are safe for use on wood, glass, ceramic, metal, and fabric.